Visi dan Misi

Butterfly weed attracts hummingbirds together with butterflies . Individuals are certain to have a fast and straightforward method of purchasing weed. Fortunately, creating your own weed and feed is simple to accomplish, and the outcomes are gentle and successful on lawns.

Spray over the weeds you need to kill. Spray liberally through the region of your lawn where you would like to control the weeds. To spend less, you can earn a weed and feed at home.


Menjadi wadah bagi Taruna/i jurusan menggalang kerjasama untuk pengembangan dan penerapan ilmu Geofisika


  1. Menjadi sarana untuk mengakomodasi kegiatan Geofisika bagi Taruna/i Geofisika STMKG terkait keilmuan maupun hubungan dengan himpunan dan institusi lain.
  2. Meningkatkan hubungan kekeluargaan yang harmonis antara Taruna/i Geofisika di setiap tingkatan
  3. Meningkatkan kegiatan keilmuan geofisika baik berupa research maupun aplikasinya.

So, for example, he urges his team to set out to leave the first vapour trail in the blue-sky scenario`.